Thursday, 30 June 2016

Unit Twelve Exhibition Open

The first, and only, exhibition of both the Shirt Collar Project and Daphne's Glove opened today at Unit Twelve Gallery in Stafford. There will be a celebration afternoon this coming Saturday 2nd July between 2-4pm when you will be able to see the work in it's latest gallery setting and meet some of the artists who have taken part in the projects over the last two years. 

In addition to the main exhibition there will be a small selection of supporting work by Group Gathering artists. You may like to know that these pieces and some of the project work will be available for sale.  
If you need directions on how to find Unit Twelve please follow this LINK and look out for those pink signs.
We look forward to meeting you there!  

Daphne's Glove: Jeanette McCulloch


Daphne's Glove piece by Jeanette McCulloch: 
'Daphne's Glove - A Constellation'
Nine pieces, each 30cm x 37cm
Mixed media: hand printed papers, paint, cloth, beads, hand stitch.
Glove’s partner by Mandy Pattullo

“A name and a glove, both intimate personal objects.
The inside of a glove holds the memory of a unique palm print, a lifeline, palmistry, astrology, astronomy and the stars above.
Imagine an amateur stargazer looking upwards and noting down on a gloved hand, observations of the night time sky. Later to be embroidered. As daylight disrobes, each glove becomes an embroidered braille constellation, a tactile reminder of that which can no longer be seen.” 

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Daphne's Glove: Christine Kelly

Daphne's Glove piece by Christine Kelly: 
‘Souvenirs from the Imaginary Life of Daphne Bryant’
linen pocket 36cm x 24cm
Vintage linens, found objects. Hand embroidered. Hand beaded. 
Glove’s partner by Mariette Voke

“The starting point for my piece was a found photograph, my ‘Daphne’. Inspiration also came from the fabric of the glove itself, the shapes of it's parts when it was dismantled, and the fact of it being an object left behind, a memento from a woman's life. I was reminded of an exhibition I saw back in 2007, a collection of items from the wardrobes of six generations of women, lovingly preserved and some items with notes pinned to the garments which record the memories attached to them.
I have made a collection of items which once belonged to a fictional 'Daphne' and a pocket to house them in. All of the items incorporate fabric fragments from the glove, the lace trimming at the wrist transformed into Daphne’s jewellery, the seam from the glove’s thumb frames a treasured photograph…..  labels preserve the memories attached to Daphne's souvenirs.”


Wednesday, 22 June 2016

The Next Chapter: Kathleen Murphy

Last September the blog was left with a cliff hanger regarding the fate of Kathleen Murphy's glove piece (see HERE for recap). The offending glove had been retrieved from the simmered depths of the dye pot where it had sucked up a mustardy, olive colour from a confection of wilted leaves and was last seen with a pair of scissors advancing towards it...

Fear not, the glove survived and was reincarnated in time to join the other finished glove pieces in exhibition. Here's an idea of the processes the piece of work went through before it reached that point.
Some heavy duty cardboard and a badly damaged copy of Odhams Encyclopaedia were combined to create a prison tower 
Part of the glove was used to make the body and ears of Tanbury Phenda  (the creature locked in the tower)
A 'strangle-vine' made from quilted tweed leaves, machine twisted cord and tiny, hand embroidered gloves of felt
The remaining parts of the glove were joined by another, which had also been dyed in the vegetable vat, to form the outer skin of the tower roof

Left: design for a woollen tree, right: Tanbury Phenda almost complete.  
The finished piece will be shown in the gallery line up which is proceeding alphabetically. 
Next up will be Christine Kelly's glove piece. 

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Daphne's Glove: Sharon Hall Shipp


Daphne's Glove piece by Sharon Hall Shipp: 'Trawsnewid'
29cm x 15cm
Weathered & naturally dyed. Deconstructed nylon mix glove. Free-machine embroidered.
Glove’s partner by Tamsin Abbott

Rooted in archaeology and mythology, Sharon’s project piece has undergone several processes beginning with a deconstruction and burial. The glove, wrapped around iron springs was buried in earth & dug up in early February to mark Imolc - the Gaelic herald of Spring. The fabric was then boiled in an infusion of seeds (for new endeavours), bay leaves (referencing the myth of Apollo & Daphne) and tea (for colour & wakefulness).  With the addition of free machine embroidery along the way, the glove was returned to a 3D state.
“I took the project piece to Warren Woods at New Radnor where there is the most spectacular waterfall, ’Water-Break-it’s-Neck’, in a steep sided gorge , once popular with the Victorians. The glove looked very much at home there - blending in as an organic form which I hadn‘t planned for. When my fellow project artists saw the photo’s they commented on how dark the piece had become, reminding them of bladder wrack or the folklore of the bog people which I really rather liked, and, based on this I decided to exhibit both glove and photographs together as a complete piece.”

Photograph by Sharon Hall Shipp

Monday, 20 June 2016

Daphne's Glove: Caren Garfen

Daphne's Glove piece by Caren Garfen: ‘Their Hands Were Tied’
29cm x 12cm
Transfer print on nylon glove. Machine stitched and hand embroidered. Found objects.
Glove’s partner by Sarah Burford 

“I began by looking to the 1800’s when gloves were an essential part of a woman’s attire; part of social etiquette, taste and propriety.  I compared this gentility with the conduct of female 'celebrities' in the 21st Century, whose lives and actions are exposed for all to see. 
I made my own name tape, hand stitching capital letters in red silk, using words from an online celebrity forum and research from literature which portrayed females of the 19th Century.  The name tape has been attached from the glove to an antique ivory glove stretcher."     

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Daphne's Glove: Ali Ferguson

Daphne's Glove piece by Ali Ferguson: 'Glove Stories'
Daphne's Glove 34cm x 24cm, Simmie's Glove 34cm x 24cm
Patricia's Glove 20cm x 40cm
Purpose built wooden drawers, vintage papers, leather & nylon gloves, pins & needles. Hand drilled, hand embroidered.
Glove’s partner by Karen Shapley

The artists involved in A Group Gathering met, for the most part, through social media. When Ali Ferguson found herself at a creative ‘brick wall’ with her project piece she decided to turn to social media, appealing to the public for their memories connected to glove wearing, to see where that would lead. 
The public did not disappoint as people offered incredible pieces of social & family history to Ali including items through the post such as the newspaper articles and handwritten letters from 1958 relating to Simmie’s story.   
The decision by Ali  to keep ‘Daphne’s’ story hidden was affirmed by an old envelope she found marked simply, ‘Last from B’, also dated 1958. Within the letter it was clear that a scandal had taken place and that the woman in question was in disgrace.
Ali will let you draw your own conclusions to her Daphne’s secret.


Saturday, 18 June 2016

Daphne's Glove: Sarah Burford

Daphne's Glove piece by Sarah Burford: 'The House of Daphne' 
Doll 40cm h x 16cm 
Vintage fabric, chemical dye, wool, felt. Hand stitched.
Paper ephemera & pencil drawn illustrations

Glove’s partner by Caren Garfen

“My starting point was my grandmother who came from Coventry which also happens to be the home of Cash’s Woven Labels. 
My grandmother, a keen seamstress and knitter, made many of her own clothes and would rarely leave the house without gloves and a hat right up to her 80’s (even in poor health). 
For Daphne’s outfit I used a piece of cloth from one of my grandmother’s hand sewn suits (moth holed & falling apart) and, taking inspiration from the surreal millinery of Elsa Schiaparelli, fashioned a hat from the fingers of my project glove. Additional pieces of glove have been used as sleeves."

Friday, 17 June 2016

Daphne's Glove: Claire A Baker

Daphne's Glove piece by Claire A Baker: ‘The Absence of Daphne’
155cm L x 54cm w
Screen & discharge print on cotton. Dip dyed. Machine & hand embroidered. Hand beaded.
Glove partner: Kathleen Murphy

“Using screen printing techniques and a photographic, negative image of the opened glove I have ‘removed’ the image from the fabric only leaving an imprint of it, as Daphne did in life.  
The florals were based on a piece of torn wallpaper I photographed in an abandoned, derelict house discovered in Cork earlier this year. A room forgotten.
I wanted the piece to be faded, imperceptible, almost not there but growing with vibrancy, detail and colour towards the ’end’, that time when you no longer care about what other people think or how they see you."


Thursday, 16 June 2016

Daphne's Glove: Tamsin Abbott

Daphne's Glove piece by Tamsin Abbott: 'And She Was' 
 90cm tall x 32cm x 32cm  
Lime bast. Stripped hazel. Wool felt. Hand stitched.
Glove partner: Sharon Hall Shipp

“I realised that I had taken on this project for the excitement of doing something quite different from my usual work but along the way I’d persuaded myself that I would not be ’up to’ a response in textiles and that I must use the medium I am known for, glass.  After a frustrating period of not getting anywhere, it finally dawned on me that it was the glass element that was blocking my progress and that I needed to work with other materials even if that meant the quality of the finished piece would be somewhat suspect against the high standards of the rest of the group.
The long and convoluted path I had taken returned me to my pagan heart. Once I’d allowed my ‘sideline’ interest in Ovid’s story of ‘Apollo and Daphne’ to become my sole inspiration, progress began."


Finished Glove Pieces

In anticipation of the forthcoming Group Gathering exhibition at Unit Twelve, the following posts will be dedicated to showcasing each of the finished glove pieces in alphabetical order.