Daphne's Glove: Christine Kelly

Daphne's Glove piece by Christine Kelly: 
‘Souvenirs from the Imaginary Life of Daphne Bryant’
linen pocket 36cm x 24cm
Vintage linens, found objects. Hand embroidered. Hand beaded. 
Glove’s partner by Mariette Voke

“The starting point for my piece was a found photograph, my ‘Daphne’. Inspiration also came from the fabric of the glove itself, the shapes of it's parts when it was dismantled, and the fact of it being an object left behind, a memento from a woman's life. I was reminded of an exhibition I saw back in 2007, a collection of items from the wardrobes of six generations of women, lovingly preserved and some items with notes pinned to the garments which record the memories attached to them.
I have made a collection of items which once belonged to a fictional 'Daphne' and a pocket to house them in. All of the items incorporate fabric fragments from the glove, the lace trimming at the wrist transformed into Daphne’s jewellery, the seam from the glove’s thumb frames a treasured photograph…..  labels preserve the memories attached to Daphne's souvenirs.”