Daphne's Glove: Caren Garfen

Daphne's Glove piece by Caren Garfen: ‘Their Hands Were Tied’
29cm x 12cm
Transfer print on nylon glove. Machine stitched and hand embroidered. Found objects.
Glove’s partner by Sarah Burford 

“I began by looking to the 1800’s when gloves were an essential part of a woman’s attire; part of social etiquette, taste and propriety.  I compared this gentility with the conduct of female 'celebrities' in the 21st Century, whose lives and actions are exposed for all to see. 
I made my own name tape, hand stitching capital letters in red silk, using words from an online celebrity forum and research from literature which portrayed females of the 19th Century.  The name tape has been attached from the glove to an antique ivory glove stretcher."