Daphne's Glove: Sarah Burford

Daphne's Glove piece by Sarah Burford: 'The House of Daphne' 
Doll 40cm h x 16cm 
Vintage fabric, chemical dye, wool, felt. Hand stitched.
Paper ephemera & pencil drawn illustrations

Glove’s partner by Caren Garfen

“My starting point was my grandmother who came from Coventry which also happens to be the home of Cash’s Woven Labels. 
My grandmother, a keen seamstress and knitter, made many of her own clothes and would rarely leave the house without gloves and a hat right up to her 80’s (even in poor health). 
For Daphne’s outfit I used a piece of cloth from one of my grandmother’s hand sewn suits (moth holed & falling apart) and, taking inspiration from the surreal millinery of Elsa Schiaparelli, fashioned a hat from the fingers of my project glove. Additional pieces of glove have been used as sleeves."