Daphne's Glove: Claire A Baker

Daphne's Glove piece by Claire A Baker: ‘The Absence of Daphne’
155cm L x 54cm w
Screen & discharge print on cotton. Dip dyed. Machine & hand embroidered. Hand beaded.
Glove partner: Kathleen Murphy

“Using screen printing techniques and a photographic, negative image of the opened glove I have ‘removed’ the image from the fabric only leaving an imprint of it, as Daphne did in life.  
The florals were based on a piece of torn wallpaper I photographed in an abandoned, derelict house discovered in Cork earlier this year. A room forgotten.
I wanted the piece to be faded, imperceptible, almost not there but growing with vibrancy, detail and colour towards the ’end’, that time when you no longer care about what other people think or how they see you."