The Next Chapter: Kathleen Murphy

Last September the blog was left with a cliff hanger regarding the fate of Kathleen Murphy's glove piece (see HERE for recap). The offending glove had been retrieved from the simmered depths of the dye pot where it had sucked up a mustardy, olive colour from a confection of wilted leaves and was last seen with a pair of scissors advancing towards it...

Fear not, the glove survived and was reincarnated in time to join the other finished glove pieces in exhibition. Here's an idea of the processes the piece of work went through before it reached that point.
Some heavy duty cardboard and a badly damaged copy of Odhams Encyclopaedia were combined to create a prison tower 
Part of the glove was used to make the body and ears of Tanbury Phenda  (the creature locked in the tower)
A 'strangle-vine' made from quilted tweed leaves, machine twisted cord and tiny, hand embroidered gloves of felt
The remaining parts of the glove were joined by another, which had also been dyed in the vegetable vat, to form the outer skin of the tower roof

Left: design for a woollen tree, right: Tanbury Phenda almost complete.  
The finished piece will be shown in the gallery line up which is proceeding alphabetically. 
Next up will be Christine Kelly's glove piece.