Daphne's Glove: Kathleen Murphy

Daphne's Glove piece by Kathleen Murphy: 
'Tanbury Phenda Dreams of Flight'
Mixed media tower & base 77cm x 25cm
Found objects, papier-mâché, natural dyes, tweed & wool felt. Hand & machine stitched
Glove’s partner by Claire A Baker

“The need to characterise Daphne was strongly felt by most of us. As my fellow artists found 'their' Daphne, I found her presence increasingly debilitating making me question my own creative choices against those of the others. I began to really dislike the name - I was stymied! 
Liberation finally came in the form of a vegetable dye experiment which turned the glove from a grubby cream to khaki green. It somehow became less precious. The offending name was ‘anagrammed’ to form a new identity and the glove was chopped and stitched to form a body for this character. Then, to make sure Daphne would never reappear, I decided to lock her in a tower surrounded by a vine-strangle of dainty gloves… Mwoah-ha-hah!“
Kathleen Murphy Murgatroyd & Bean 

You can read the story of how Tanbury Phenda became trapped in her tower HERE