Work in Progress: Christine Kelly

During this year's project the role of women through history has provided inspiration for several of the participating artists. Here is an account of how generations of women from the same family have inspired Christine Kelly's intricately hand stitched piece.

"I've almost finished my piece now and I'm aware I haven't shared that much about my process - it's not something that comes naturally, as I'm so often working in isolation, head down and stitching. However I thought I'd share a bit about my inspirations."

"As well as the fabric of the glove itself, the shapes of it's parts when it was dismantled, was the fact of it being an object left behind, a memento from a woman's life. I was reminded of an exhibition I saw back in 2007 at the Millennium Galleries in Sheffield. It was the Messel Family Dress collection. A collection of items from the wardrobes of six generations of women, the items record their lives but also the changing lives of women throughout the generations. Many items are lovingly preserved and labelled with notes pinned to the garments which record the memories attached to them. I have made a collection of items which once belonged to a fictional 'Daphne' and a pocket to house them in, all of the items incorporate fabric fragments from the glove. The final task is to add the labels, which will preserve the memories attached to Daphne's souvenirs."
If you are interested in the Messel Family Dress collection, you can read more about it here…/…/fashion-and-fancy-dress-2/