Friday, 10 April 2015

Work in Progress: Mandy Pattullo

It's fair to say that the nylon content present in many of the project gloves has been an issue for most of us, being a fabric none of us seem particularly drawn to in our other work. Possibly as a result of not being able to change the fabric of the glove, Mandy Pattullo found herself getting subversive in other ways...

"I have made all the pages of the book that bring me and Daphne together. I have sewn the real glove on to the very first page and it brings together the back of the name tape and the diary entry for Daphne's 21st birthday. I have deliberately turned the cash label over as my Daphne is different but I know the project specified we had to use it in some way. I am a little dissatisfied as I just don't like the glove much and its nylonish but love the shadows of it in the blind embossing on the other pages."

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