The Muse: Christine Kelly

c. Christine Kelly a.k.a. Gentlework
Just as the Prince is compelled to search for a Cinderella to fit into the glass slipper, the title of this year's project begs for a Daphne to be found.
We're delighted to hear that Christine Kelly has found her Daphne muse. And here she is in a clear, sepia photograph. Judging by the shingled hair, it was probably taken in the 1920's. The stamp on the back tells us that the sitter was photographed in the studio of A.Seaman & Sons, 115 Pinstone Street, Sheffield. Although an internet search will provide more information about the photographer's business, the sitter's real identity is unknown. An enigmatic smile and a mystery.

The lacy, cream panel you see has been snipped from the cuff of Christine's project glove and will be 'integral' to the finished design. By sharing these photographs of the cuff Christine has revealed herself to her glove partner. The question is, will the glove partner now reveal themself to Christine or wait a little longer...?