Monday, 22 February 2016

Breath Held

The original early C20th box in which the Daphne name tapes were found
Last Autumn this website fell silent during the preparation and duration of the first Daphne's Glove exhibition in Ledbury. News and progress transferred to the project's Facebook page for a while, where smaller items of news were easier to post, and which we continue to use for the same purpose. You can find the link HERE
We'd like to make amends for that silence here by taking up where we left off. There are still creative processes to tell and a gallery of finished glove pieces to share before moving onto thoughts of what comes next for A Group Gathering.   

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Summer in Stafford

The second exhibition of 2016 promises to be quite an extravaganza bringing together the work of all twenty Group Gathering artists in one venue. This Summer creative hub Unit Twelve in Stafford is going to host an exhibition of both projects, The Shirt Collar Project (2014) and Daphne's Glove (2015), under one roof.

An added bonus will be the workshops on offer by contributing artists, Viv Sliwka (Hensteeth) on 9th July and Ella Robinson on 27th August 2016. Go directly to Unit Twelve's website for further details on how to book a place HERE.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Herefordshire Roots

 Those of you who have been following the progress of Daphne's Glove may recall that the base materials for the project were originally sourced in the England-Wales border county of Herefordshire. The name tapes were found in the market town of Leominster in an antiques centre.
This connection to the county combined with a strong sense of 'Daphne's history' created through the finished pieces by the artists involved, has led to an interesting invitation to exhibit the work. From Tuesday 5th April Daphne's Glove will go on show for a month at the newly built Herefordshire Archive and Records Centre (HARC). Do pay a visit if you are in or near the area.

Please note that with the exception of Saturday 9th April,  HARC is open Monday to Friday only.