Thursday, 30 June 2016

Unit Twelve Exhibition Open

The first, and only, exhibition of both the Shirt Collar Project and Daphne's Glove opened today at Unit Twelve Gallery in Stafford. There will be a celebration afternoon this coming Saturday 2nd July between 2-4pm when you will be able to see the work in it's latest gallery setting and meet some of the artists who have taken part in the projects over the last two years. 

In addition to the main exhibition there will be a small selection of supporting work by Group Gathering artists. You may like to know that these pieces and some of the project work will be available for sale.  
If you need directions on how to find Unit Twelve please follow this LINK and look out for those pink signs.
We look forward to meeting you there!  


  1. Hello, as I cannot make it to the exhibition, I truely enjoyed every single realisation of Daphne's glove! What a tremendous idea of transforming an old glove into works of wonder. Bravo to all you clever ladies. Looking forward to your next project. With greetings from Belgium, bayou, the secret admirer.

    1. Dear Bayou,
      We're delighted that the project has taken your interest and that you've taken the time not only to read about the pieces of work but to also comment so positively on each of them. I'll make sure that the comments are seen by each artist involved.
      We're not finished yet though. There are still three further Daphne's Glove pieces to be profiled which are coming up very soon so please call back soon.
      It's such a shame that you won't get to see the work in person - maybe project number three will provide that opportunity?
      With very best wishes from us all.
      A Group Gathering

  2. Thank you Kathleen, will look out for more! I very much hope that project number three will be THE opportunity to see it all in its flesh.