Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Daphne's Glove: Sharon Hall Shipp


Daphne's Glove piece by Sharon Hall Shipp: 'Trawsnewid'
29cm x 15cm
Weathered & naturally dyed. Deconstructed nylon mix glove. Free-machine embroidered.
Glove’s partner by Tamsin Abbott

Rooted in archaeology and mythology, Sharon’s project piece has undergone several processes beginning with a deconstruction and burial. The glove, wrapped around iron springs was buried in earth & dug up in early February to mark Imolc - the Gaelic herald of Spring. The fabric was then boiled in an infusion of seeds (for new endeavours), bay leaves (referencing the myth of Apollo & Daphne) and tea (for colour & wakefulness).  With the addition of free machine embroidery along the way, the glove was returned to a 3D state.
“I took the project piece to Warren Woods at New Radnor where there is the most spectacular waterfall, ’Water-Break-it’s-Neck’, in a steep sided gorge , once popular with the Victorians. The glove looked very much at home there - blending in as an organic form which I hadn‘t planned for. When my fellow project artists saw the photo’s they commented on how dark the piece had become, reminding them of bladder wrack or the folklore of the bog people which I really rather liked, and, based on this I decided to exhibit both glove and photographs together as a complete piece.”

Photograph by Sharon Hall Shipp


  1. It really does look quite at home there. I love all of the symbolism and time that has gone into this piece. I love your gloves. I did an assemblage around a glove years ago, for me it was something about hands, and how the globe could almost look alive. It wasn't anything as spectacular as your work is. Thank you for sharing it.

    1. Dear Fran,
      Thank you very much for your interest in the project and for all of your recent comments and reflections which will be passed on to the artists concerned. I'm sure that everyone will be delighted by the time you have taken to study what we've been up to.
      There are more finished project pieces to follow so please keep watching. There will be a third Group Gathering project in the future.
      Very best wishes,
      Curator, A Group Gathering

  2. Your realisation is so well imagined. What strikes me most is, that I read for the third time about New Radnor as we try to re-locate to the UK. Not only the Woodland Trust had a fine article about the region (so far unknown to me) but you now, too. I must go to the waterfall there on our next trip. Your creation really 'spoke' to me. What a fantastic piece of art!