Sunday, 19 June 2016

Daphne's Glove: Ali Ferguson

Daphne's Glove piece by Ali Ferguson: 'Glove Stories'
Daphne's Glove 34cm x 24cm, Simmie's Glove 34cm x 24cm
Patricia's Glove 20cm x 40cm
Purpose built wooden drawers, vintage papers, leather & nylon gloves, pins & needles. Hand drilled, hand embroidered.
Glove’s partner by Karen Shapley

The artists involved in A Group Gathering met, for the most part, through social media. When Ali Ferguson found herself at a creative ‘brick wall’ with her project piece she decided to turn to social media, appealing to the public for their memories connected to glove wearing, to see where that would lead. 
The public did not disappoint as people offered incredible pieces of social & family history to Ali including items through the post such as the newspaper articles and handwritten letters from 1958 relating to Simmie’s story.   
The decision by Ali  to keep ‘Daphne’s’ story hidden was affirmed by an old envelope she found marked simply, ‘Last from B’, also dated 1958. Within the letter it was clear that a scandal had taken place and that the woman in question was in disgrace.
Ali will let you draw your own conclusions to her Daphne’s secret.



  1. This is very cool! The way you combined thread and wood, embroider, paper, ephemera, fabric, etc... is amazing. I must come back and look at this on my computer so I can get a better look at her secret.

  2. How I adore the idea behind of the secret story and then the versatility how you put it together. Phenomenal!