Tuesday, 31 March 2015

The Finishing Line

'Their Hands Were Tied' by Caren Garfen
It is with great pleasure that we present to you a handstitched detail from the first project piece of 2015 to be completed. Further photo's will follow in due course. 
The piece is by Caren Garfen and is called, 'Their Hands Were Tied'. Congratulations Caren.

Now, hang on, can you hear it? It's a faint ticking clock sound and a tingling sensation of urgency as the project's making deadline draws closer. Only one more month to go.
Who will be next to finish? 

Monday, 30 March 2015

Work in Progress: Jeanette McCulloch

Feeling the pull of the moon.
Jeanette McCulloch continues her stellar exploration, rich with paint, paper and stitch, incorporating printed words and found objects. 

"The eclipse must have galvanised Daphne into action. Each glove represents a different aspect of Daphne's interest in astrology, astronomy and palmistry. There are more in the melting pot...."

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Work in Progress: Mariette Voke

Mariette Voke enjoys painting directly from life studies.
Here you see an arrangement of 'Daphne items' collected and curated by Mariette, in this instance a parcel & correspondence, which have been painted into the narrative of Daphne.The choice of a Leominster address links the painting to the place where the Daphne Bryant name tapes were originally found by Kathleen Murphy a few years ago, igniting the idea for this year's project. 

"I’d been putting off fully launching into painting my response because I knew as soon as I did I would be hardly ever out of my shed. I’ve now condensed all my ideas into three very different paintings (never one to take the easy road!). The pictures are coming together faster in my head than I can get them onto paper and canvas, so after a slow start I now don’t want to do anything else but paint. I’m hoping that as time goes on one of the paintings will ‘take up the gauntlet’ so to speak, ‘put out it’s hand’ and nominate it’s self to be ‘the final piece’ for the project."

Friday, 27 March 2015

Work in Progress: Karen Shapley

The stained & mottled piece of quilt which Karen Shapley found at a textile fair earlier this month has now been transformed into the bulbous base of her creature. Here, for the first time, you can see where clay finally meets cloth and the long-eared rabbit begins to take on it's persona.
The marks on the body are made from cloth & thread impressions when the clay is still soft

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Finding Inspiration: Tamsin Abbott

'Lost Summer' by Graham Arnold c/o Catto Gallery.co.uk
More often found working with glass, project artist Tamsin Abbott's path of inspiration for Daphne's Glove has led her along a winding path from the Brotherhood of Ruralists to her own family.
"After various brainstorms about gloves and hands my initial response to ‘Daphne’s Glove’ back in November 2014 was to try and imagine or create a Daphne character in my mind and then work out where I would go with it. I bought a highly entertaining 1930's girl guide diary on ebay and began thinking.
For a while I was enamoured with the idea of a collage and admit I was highly influenced by the collages of Graham Arnold, some of which I have seen ‘in the flesh’, and one in particular I had found highly moving as it contained a diary extract from his father’s diary. However, after much toying with the idea I wasn't comfortable with my potential 'plagiarism' of this route.
Back to thinking about Daphne and I began thinking about my own grandmother and mother who both kept diaries and lived in Herefordshire. I realised that my mother and daughter had been born in the county and my grandmother and I had come to the county as adults, raised our children and worked here. I tried to think of a way of linking our four generations of Herefordshire women with Daphne’s glove and with my own glass work. I thought about layering the glove within glass with diary extracts or engravings of maps, important places, documents to interweave the generations together with delicate but dense overlapping lines.
However, I felt I’d lost sight of the original glove – it was becoming an incidental object rather than the focus. My thinking has now moved on and I'm almost there with my idea. More to come later...  "
Herefordshire generations: Tamsin's Grandparents on their wedding day, complete with gloves.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Work in Progress: Sharon Hall Shipp

As you can see from the photographs above, Sharon Hall Shipp's project piece has returned to a 3D shape. The free-machine stitched work has formed a web (or roots) across the glove giving it a darkly organic presence.

 "With the intention of taking some photograph's, I took the project piece out for a jaunt to a place called Warren Woods, New Radnor, where there is the most spectacular waterfall, 'Water-Break-it's-Neck', in a steep sided gorge with numerous species of ferns, mosses and lichens. A tourist spot once popular with the Victorians. The glove piece looked very much at home there. I thought that it might be an interesting setting but I hadn't planned for how well the piece would blend in as an organic form.
When the other project artists saw the photographs they commented on how dark the piece had become, one saying it reminded them of bladderwrack seaweed, another being reminded of the folklore of the Bog people. I rather like this as my work was supposed to be rooted (see what I did there?) in archaeology as well as mythology. Perhaps the photographs will be shown alongside the final piece at exhibition?" 

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Friday, 20 March 2015

Work in Progress: Mandy Pattullo

Where the history of the artist and the subject intertwine.

"I am progressing well with the development of “Daphne’s Glove”. I had a break to read parts of the diaries that belonged to the other Daphne. 19th April 1959 was her 21st birthday so I now know that my subject was a young woman which is the perfect match for the virginal gloves. I am scanning some pages in and then working on them in photoshop, turning them red to pick up the red theme derived from the cash’s name labels and then printing them out on to linen. The diaries I am extracting bits from are all late 1950s and early 1960s and Daphne would surely have had plenty of gloves of the type I have received to wear for her constant social engagements (girls did wear gloves then – think “An Education” the film based on Lynn Barber’s life and Audrey Hepburn films). She appears to have gone to the theatre some times twice a week, to the cinema, to church and to dances. I have much in common with her in that she seems to have breakfast in bed most days, likes shopping, reads a lot, listens to the radio and rearranges and tidies her room. I have deduced from entries in the 1960s that she was a teacher (so am I) but appears to have had time to knit at lunchtimes. Times have changed!
The entry I am most interested in is 22nd March 1957 the day I was born. She got up very late, did a little light housework and spent most of the day reading then an early tea before going out to see “Emma”. She seems to have had a bad knee. My mother was going through a very long and arduous delivery of me at the time…As the doctor left the house after my birth he received an injury from a falling house tile.
I am still developing collages on to the blind embossed glove “ pages “ and the one you see here brings together Daphne and me on that auspicious date. Interesting to note how the back of my hand embroidery and the back of the cash’s name label have also something in common."
Reverse of Cash's name tape
Reverse of Mandy Pattullo's piece on linen

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Work in Progress: Karen Shapley

With the ceramic element of her glove piece fired and ready, Karen Shapley has turned her attention to fabric and stitch. The striped fabric you see in the photograph above is an old, quilted ticking panel which Karen found at The Antique Textile Fair in Manchester earlier this month.
"It is stained and mottled and I find it's distressed state beautiful. Some would see a dirty fabric, I see something with a patina, an age, a sense of history and hence why this hasn't been washed..."

Further textile treasure sourced at The Antique Textile Fair
"For me one of the greatest project challenges has been the material. I am a dimity girl of wool and cotton. I don't use synthetic fabrics, they just don't appeal, so here was my real challenge -  a nylon glove!

"I decided that part of my challenge was to use found fabrics that I wouldn't normally work with but to turn them into something beautiful. Whilst in Pembrokeshire in October I found some scraps on the beach and an old birds wing. I aim to incorporate them in Daphne's costume or maybe just add a few bits. I'll see how far I get. The red fits in nicely with everyone's interest in a touch of red ..I think maybe her cloak. It has come from the beach and again is unwashed so it has an ozone smell."

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Work in Progress: Sharon Hall Shipp

Loops & whips formed by free-motion machine embroidery

What lies beneath? Sharon Hall Shipp turns to the sewing machine for the next stage of her glove's creative journey.

"My glove's connection with the 1960s has now come to an end - the "firm hold" promised by the hairspray advertisers clearly doesn't extend to textile artwork! However, the basis of my work - the mythological story of Daphne and Apollo - continues. I've used machine stitch for the first time in this piece and, serendipitously, a combination of cheap sewing machine and operator inexperience gave me a much more interesting line on the reverse, which is now the front. Still working on the stitching and possibly other embellishment and also planning the next major stage which is to turn 2D back into 3D."

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Work in Progress: Mariette Voke

Work in progress detail; a young Daphne transforms from monochrome graphite into beautiful technicolour...

Finding Inspiration: Sarah Burford

Now that other work commitments have allowed it, artist Sarah Burford (also known as Curious Pip), is ready to fully embark on her Daphne's Glove piece this month. Taken by surprise, inspiration has struck much closer to home than Sarah was expecting.
"My vision of 'Daphne' has swapped and changed a bit in my mind since receiving the brief back in October 2014. When I first opened that little package I thought, yes I know what kind of a character I want Daphne to be. I gathered lots of images, made little sketches, and worked out in my head exactly what I was going to do with that dainty little glove. Then it changed slightly, then changed again.
Commissions and other commitments have meant that Daphne has had to be 'shelved' for a while but from now onwards it's all about my commitment to Daphne!
However, looking back at my 'shelved' images and sketches I was left a little daunted. It all seemed a bit flat and uninspiring, I needed to know more about Daphne and how she gets to the image I've created of her in my head. Panic started to take over until something dawned on me. My lovely Grandma was from Coventry, home to the Cash's label factory! She was a keen seamstress, knitter and homemaker. She made lots of her own clothes and was the type of lady who never left the house without gloves and a hat (even in her 80's and in poor health). It seems my real starting point for this project has been staring me in the face all along!
So here I go, loads of new scribblings, a piece of fabric from one of my Grandma's handmade suits (totally moth holed and falling apart) and, 'The Little Book of Schiaparelli' because the way Schiaparelli incorporates unusual objects into wearable surreal fashion absolutely inspires me and makes my jaw drop.
First things, first. A spot of tea dying, green dye dying and a glass of red wine (the latter being for me and not the dye pot!)."

Monday, 16 March 2015

Finding Inspiration: Mandy Pattullo

A gem of a find has led Mandy Pattullo to the life and times of another Daphne and a confirming 'sign' about her choice of red thread.

"Through our local flea market I acquired a pile of diaries from 1940s-60s written by another Daphne. I assume they ended up there because her house was being cleared or she has died? This Daphne certainly wore gloves, she seems to have been to the theatre at least once a week, to concerts by the Northern Sinfonia and to plays and films. Daphne is going to creep on to my "pages" (perhaps in a book?) through her diary entries which are now going to be mixed in to the equation of the absent gloves (blind embossed) and the red stitching inspired by the name label. Handily my Daphne seems to have written her daily expenditure down in red writing which helps my cause!
No idea what to do with the real glove but I suspect my intervention with it will be minimal and that it is the absence of the glove and Daphne that are the real story."

"Go to Scarborough"

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Work In Progress: Sharon Hall Shipp

Image courtesy of beakygeekuk.com

Following it's Spring dye bath, what's next for Sharon Hall Shipp's glove piece? 

"I'm now trying out some surface decoration. I've had a go at drawing and may also look at monoprinting, but stitch is never far from my thoughts. I will also try to use in some way the thread which I unpicked from the glove seams when I dismantled it. It's tough material to stitch, even after being subjected to Ye Feystering Brew of tea, seeds & bay leaves. I don't usually use a sewing machine but I think it may give me the lines I am looking for. 
And then there's the stiffening to address if I'm to make the sculpture that I've planned. The glove label and design suggests it is from the 1960s, so keeping to that I'm going to try hairspray as I reckon our Daph would have used it on the occasions she wore the gloves. Alas, I cannot find vintage spray but will have that in mind as I work."

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Finding Inspiration: Ali Ferguson

An important part of A Group Gathering is the use of social media; it's the vehicle through which the artists are chosen to take part, how the project artists communicate with each other and how progress is communicated and responded to by the public. After a frustrating start with her initial ideas for the project piece fizzling out, artist Ali Ferguson decided to embrace the resource and turned to social media for inspiration assistance.

"My plan is to tell a small series of “Glove Stories”. I have spent the last few weeks showing people a small selection of white gloves and gathering their responses as they reminisce. I posted on my Facebook page asking if anyone had any special “Glove Stories” they would like to share, and boy, did I get a beauty there! Having done my gathering I have now selected a couple of stories and a couple more short recollections which I am going to present along with Daphne’s Glove in a series of small drawers. Interestingly Daphne’s story has remained hidden to me - she won’t give it up - and that for me has become her story.
The Daphne Bryant name labels have also inspired me to use red stitching and this reminded me of the old Chinese proverb about the red thread.
“An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstances. The thread may stretch or tangle but will never break.”
I now wonder about the connections between the Group Gathering artists. How Kathleen has brought together a seemingly random group from throughout the UK and how we are all currently working with and thinking about gloves and how many of us now have the red thread connection."

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Work in Progress: Karen Shapley

Here you see the next stage in the kiln firing process of the creatures made by Karen Shapley. One of these figures will form the base of her Daphne's Glove piece. At this point breakages are still possible so 'breath is baited' until the work goes through a final firing to turn those orange tinted noses into a gorgeous gold.

"I am quite excited as I have tried a few new things on one or two of the creatures you can see here which have worked. They will add to Daphne's story so we shall see if she turns out ok in the next firing!"