Saturday, 31 January 2015

Ruminations: Jeanette McCulloch

'Right Hand Glove'

Jeanette McCulloch's work is rich with pattern & figurative illustration executed in paint, print & sometimes stitch. The pictures you see here are the beginning of Jeanette's exploration into her project subject matter. Unlike one or two of the other project artists, Jeanette has not based a piece of work on gloves before so one of her first experiments was to make a pair of ungusseted gloves from a cotton fabric. Prior to assembly, the fabric was printed using a combination of monprints and thermofax (similiar to screen printing) using bold, striking patterns.
'Left Hand Glove'
3D exploration has led to a search for theme and meaning around the clues of life held in the palm and the stars using paper, paint, print & pinprick.  

"From painting palms to palmistry. From Astrology to Astronomy....floating in the heavens at the moment with these little ruminations"
'From painting hands to palmistry'

'From atrology to astronomy'

Will these ruminations remain in the skies or find a way back to earth?  

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Work in Progress: Mariette Voke

"I'm familiarising myself with the subject through drawing, a good place to start. I'm still not giving away the detail of my glove because I love the mystery of not knowing who is working on the other one.. "
January 2015

Monday, 26 January 2015

Making a Leather Glove

Several pairs of the gloves which are being used in the 'Daphne's Glove' project have been made by the company Dents, founded in 1777, which is possibly the oldest British glove maker still in existence today. Although the project gloves are mostly made from mixed fibres or nylon, the leather glove making shown in this film clip gives a great insight into the glove making process. Taken from the BBC programme, Flog It, from 2010, do take a look at how Dent's heritage leather gloves are still made by hand.  
(The picture clarity isn't brilliant, sorry).  

Thursday, 22 January 2015

The First Cut

Work is underway on Sharon Hall Shipp's glove piece, now bravely disassembled. It's fascinating to see the glove in it's component parts, flat & no longer a 3d object. The 'human' aspect of the glove has almost been taken away by this process, allowing the observer to stand back and take a more clinical view.

Monday, 19 January 2015

Daphne's History: Mariette Voke

Mariette Voke's painting practice involves observing and working from real artefacts; letters, photo's, found objects, around which a scenario forms. This photograph shows some of the items which will play a part in forming Daphne's history.

"Just gathered up all of Daphne's stuff and I'm now getting those pictures out of my head and into my sketchbook. I think I'm ready to go for it!"
Mariette Voke

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Taking Stock

A small selection from Karen Shapley's glove collection

"As part of my project research I have been looking back at photos and realised just how many photos I have of old gloves which I've used in my work.  I use them constantly for animal paws, ear replacements and decorative collars. Not a bit of fabric gets wasted. I love the shape and detail of the old leather gloves, I even love wearing old leather gloves (although not the white ones - my hands are not delicate enough!) but they make one feel glamorous and dressed up." 
Karen Shapley
Karen obsessed with gloves? Won't hear a word of it...

An example of Karen's glove finger paws. Copyright Karen Shapley

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Influencing Factors

The New Year brings reflection, hope and teeny green shoots of life - this January it has also stirred the Group Gathering artists into action as their attention returns to their single, pale glove. Those loose thoughts which have been floating around since last October are now being captured in more solid form, be it in sketchbooks or through practical exploration. Here you can see where Mandy Pattullo's New Year exploration has taken her.

" Last week I took my glove into the print room and blind embossed it so that I made an impression of it. I wanted to see if I could get the markings like pinpricks to show up on the emboss. They did and it has started me off with doing some stitch samples using the holes/ patterns from the glove. A crafty way to try out what I might do with stitch without actually using the precious glove!" 
 Mandy Pattullo

Mandy's glove is quite distinctive due to it's surface pattern so the artist with the partnering glove won't take too long to recognise it. As the weeks go by you'll no doubt make that connection too. The other glove partnerships may not be so easy for the artists to identify this quickly, which could be a blessing - the artists can continue to work on their own ideas without taking into consideration the direction their glove partner is going in. Of course, an artist, on recognising their glove partner, may choose to allow their piece of work to be influenced and altered by what they see. There too lies an interesting path...

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Finding Inspiration: Karen Shapley

There's always something to inspire & delight during a visit to the Victoria & Albert Museum, such as this beautiful embroidered glove discovered by Karen Shapley during her recent visit to London. Will those motifs provide inspiration for Karen's final piece? We'll have to wait and see.