Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Blotter: Mandy Pattullo

 The addition of an item which has been in Mandy Pattullo's possession for some time brings together all the elements for her Daphne's story to conclude. A much used red blotter marked with cup rings from beverages past and tattooed with the name Paul.

"Now I have finished the book (of print & stitch) which brings me and Daphne and the glove together I am starting to think a little of the presentation. I was a great diary writer myself when a teenager. All that angst about boys you fancied, the whole dating experience mixed in with lists of meals eaten that day and the carefully recorded lists of the top twenty and books read. I wrote my dairy sitting at the desk where I did all my homework. In those days we wrote in ink and this blotter with a doodley bit of blotting paper inserted was always under whatever I was doing. Sometimes the doodles extended to under the sheet of blotting paper. I don’t even remember who “Paul” was! 
It seems fitting to present my Daphne work on this piece of my past. I also plan to send some of the diaries to the exhibition, just the red ones of course, so that you can read in full about Daphne’s exploits."


  1. I love the tiny books!!! So amazing! your blotter is beautiful!

    1. Thank you Betsy! Some of the diaries which Mandy found will be exhibited alongside her project piece.