Friday, 3 April 2015

Work in Progress: Kathleen Murphy

"Since the beginning of this year's project my thoughts have never been very far away from Daphne's Glove - until now, thoughts largely taken up with the adminstration of the project rather than how I'm going to respond to the project brief!
Watching ideas unfold and writing about the progress which the other project artists have been making has been fascinating but curiously debilitating at times too as you can begin to question your own creative choices for being too similar or not similar enough. Feelings which several of us have confessed to. This is only natural in such a collaboration and hopefully an aspect of taking part which will push rather than stymie our thinking.
The desire to characterise Daphne has been strongly felt with many of us 'looking' for her. This week I found that 'her' name was blocking me from moving forward. Odd in a way because telling a story is often an integral part of my work and a name holds so much promise.  However, in a small act of subversion, I decided to chop the name up instead. The anagrams I made from the chopped letters were mostly nonsense (Den Loves Spagh) but it certainly lightened my mood and made me realise that my interest continues to lie in the glove rather than the name. So, move over Daph' you're blocking my view of that glove..."
A far more exotic name don't you think?