Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Work in Progress: Karen Shapley

Sometimes the seemingly commonplace provides a seam of unexpected inspiration.
Whilst on a regular walk through the woods with her dog Lola earlier this year, Karen Shapley came across an abandoned and weathered glove in her path...  
The 'found' aspect of Karen's project piece has taken many forms and on finding the glove, an idea took root and began to grow into a story. This story, which includes her ceramic rabbit, forms the backdrop to Karen's 'Daphne'.
"The glove was just lying in the woods and since then I have seen an awful lot of odd gloves caught on trees & lying under bushes. It got me thinking, if Daphne's glove were lost who would find it?

A story has emerged for me on two levels; the purely imaginative harking back to snippets of memories of stories from childhood, and on another level from the fabrics and cloth, the idea of  recycling & making things look beautiful, reusing."
Rabbit's skirt has been made from found or vintage fabrics

"The Rabbit is supposed to be on the scruffy side of things, her role being one of a forager. She dashes through the woodland collecting scraps. I have found it surprising difficult not to neaten and finish her edges." 

A glimpse of Rabbit's wheels

Seen here basking in the sun, Rabbit now has her skirt and a set of red wheels for scooting through the woods when foraging.

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