Work in Progress: Karen Shapley

The overskirt to be worn by Karen Shapley's rabbit is taking shape. If you look closely you will see patches of rich, toffee brown fabric which, as part of Karen's process, have been dyed and chopped from her project glove. You now get a sense of where those found fabric scraps will fit into the final piece of work and your first glimpse of a top layer of decorative stitch.

"Her skirt is coming on and at some point I have to understand that it is finished and move on the the next piece!
I do have a thing for aged fabric, so I don't mind their marks and stains and darnings. When I was at university I dyed some new linen tea towels. I discharge printed them, dyed and discharged them again before adding a potassium dye, finishing with another discharge. I got really excited by the faded worn look. However, another student took one look and told me they reminded her of old dishcloths and she found them horrendous! This just goes to show everyone has differing tastes and visions and what will appeal to some about my work will completely turn off others."