Monday, 20 April 2015

Daphne & Patricia: Ali Ferguson

Ali Ferguson's response to the Daphne's Glove challenge is almost complete, so here are the stories behind the second and third characters in her glove trilogy, the first being Simmie who you can read about HERE.  

"Once I had begun work on Simmie's story Daphne's Glove and story started to emerge. I decided that she could keep her story hidden. I know she is a strong character with something from her past that she chooses not to share. The day after deciding this I came across this envelope hidden amongst my old letters - marked simply "Last from B". A short and slightly intimidating letter stating, amongst other things, "you admit misconduct more than a dozen times" and "I want my freedom as much as you". Also in the envelope is a solicitor's document dated 1958 titled, "Your Nullity Suit". 
Oh Daphne how I admire your courage to ignore the gossip and go your own way."

Above, Daphne's glove with the layers of her story ready to be cut from the calico and placed into her drawer.

The beginning of Patricia's glove

"Patricia's Glove, pictured above in progress. Patricia is my mother-in-law and has provided me with several pairs of nylon gloves throughout the project. She kept just producing one pair at a time from her dressing table - hence my reason for using drawers to display the final glove pieces!
I aim to have the final drawer finished by the end of this week"

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