Work in Progress: Sharon Hall Shipp

As you can see from the photographs above, Sharon Hall Shipp's project piece has returned to a 3D shape. The free-machine stitched work has formed a web (or roots) across the glove giving it a darkly organic presence.

 "With the intention of taking some photograph's, I took the project piece out for a jaunt to a place called Warren Woods, New Radnor, where there is the most spectacular waterfall, 'Water-Break-it's-Neck', in a steep sided gorge with numerous species of ferns, mosses and lichens. A tourist spot once popular with the Victorians. The glove piece looked very much at home there. I thought that it might be an interesting setting but I hadn't planned for how well the piece would blend in as an organic form.
When the other project artists saw the photographs they commented on how dark the piece had become, one saying it reminded them of bladderwrack seaweed, another being reminded of the folklore of the Bog people. I rather like this as my work was supposed to be rooted (see what I did there?) in archaeology as well as mythology. Perhaps the photographs will be shown alongside the final piece at exhibition?"