Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Work in Progress: Sharon Hall Shipp

Loops & whips formed by free-motion machine embroidery

What lies beneath? Sharon Hall Shipp turns to the sewing machine for the next stage of her glove's creative journey.

"My glove's connection with the 1960s has now come to an end - the "firm hold" promised by the hairspray advertisers clearly doesn't extend to textile artwork! However, the basis of my work - the mythological story of Daphne and Apollo - continues. I've used machine stitch for the first time in this piece and, serendipitously, a combination of cheap sewing machine and operator inexperience gave me a much more interesting line on the reverse, which is now the front. Still working on the stitching and possibly other embellishment and also planning the next major stage which is to turn 2D back into 3D."

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