Work In Progress: Sharon Hall Shipp

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Following it's Spring dye bath, what's next for Sharon Hall Shipp's glove piece? 

"I'm now trying out some surface decoration. I've had a go at drawing and may also look at monoprinting, but stitch is never far from my thoughts. I will also try to use in some way the thread which I unpicked from the glove seams when I dismantled it. It's tough material to stitch, even after being subjected to Ye Feystering Brew of tea, seeds & bay leaves. I don't usually use a sewing machine but I think it may give me the lines I am looking for. 
And then there's the stiffening to address if I'm to make the sculpture that I've planned. The glove label and design suggests it is from the 1960s, so keeping to that I'm going to try hairspray as I reckon our Daph would have used it on the occasions she wore the gloves. Alas, I cannot find vintage spray but will have that in mind as I work."