Saturday, 28 March 2015

Work in Progress: Mariette Voke

Mariette Voke enjoys painting directly from life studies.
Here you see an arrangement of 'Daphne items' collected and curated by Mariette, in this instance a parcel & correspondence, which have been painted into the narrative of Daphne.The choice of a Leominster address links the painting to the place where the Daphne Bryant name tapes were originally found by Kathleen Murphy a few years ago, igniting the idea for this year's project. 

"I’d been putting off fully launching into painting my response because I knew as soon as I did I would be hardly ever out of my shed. I’ve now condensed all my ideas into three very different paintings (never one to take the easy road!). The pictures are coming together faster in my head than I can get them onto paper and canvas, so after a slow start I now don’t want to do anything else but paint. I’m hoping that as time goes on one of the paintings will ‘take up the gauntlet’ so to speak, ‘put out it’s hand’ and nominate it’s self to be ‘the final piece’ for the project."


  1. I do like your ideas for the project. Parcels telling a story. Love the painting. looking forward to seeing finished work

    1. Which painting will Mariette finally choose? An exciting wait!