Work in Progress: Sharon Hall Shipp

The arrival of Imolc has imbued Sharon Hall Shipp's glove with a particular piquancy.

The Gaelic celebration of Imolc heralds the beginning of Spring - a halfway point between the Winter solstice and the Spring equinox, and is observed on 1st February, St Brigid's Day. There are many customs, rooted in Pagan origin, surrounding St Brigid's day including the making of a rush cross, making up a bed for her and leaving offerings of food. In addition it is customary to leave an item of clothing outside for the Saint to bless which is later brought indoors.  

Thus inspired, here is Sharon's recipe for glove soup:
Step 1: On a crisp, January morning bury your glove in the vegetable garden wrapped around iron springs. Leave to infuse with the eath's damp, natural juices for several days (longer if you have the time!).
Step 2. Dig up glove after 1st February and take indoors.
Step 3. Prepare your infusion of seeds (for new endeavours), bay leaves (with a nod towards the legend of Daphne & Apollo) and tea (for colour and wakefulness). Bring to a rolling boil before adding your glove and leaving to simmer.
Step 4: Once suitably boiled, strain and leave glove to dry in the Spring sunshine. Et voila! 

We shall look forward to seeing Sharon's tasty results!