Friday, 27 February 2015

Work in Progress: Jeanette McCulloch

Jeanette McCulloch's initial explorations using print and collage have now been translated to cloth and paint. 

"I have been pondering how hard it is to show all of the rejected ideas and hours of thoughts that lie unrecorded and the time spent scratching one's head.  All I can show you here are the ideas which have survived this process and come to fruition.
My glove has now been roughed up at bit. The pristine white is being replaced with rub-on golds and bronzes. I've used some 'Goldfinger' to stiffen up the fabric so it begins to look aged and worn. Lots and lots of beads and the beginnings of star names have appeared. Daphne is a star watcher, she uses her glove to write and draw on, her fascination with the hemisphere is such that she has begun to stitch the beads as stars into a constellation 'looking south in September'. I've also gone back to painting again, a new watercolour study of the glove and the addition of star names. I am enjoying painting a study of the glove as a document, a parallel to altering the glove. I think that both paintings and glove may be exhibited together..?"

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