Sketchbook: Kathleen Murphy

"Like several of the gloves in this project, my glove is showing evidence of it's age. Despite a wash it is still a little grubby looking, a little rubbed. It has lived a life.
The glove is an interesting garment, it has the intimacy of underwear in that it lies directly on the skin, yet it's function is public be it for protective or decorative purposes. Hands are integral to our progress through the day so a glove is in a priviledged position not only to be so close to the body but also privvy to some of our daily routines too.  
My ideas are still at sketchbook stage. I've been pondering the possible life my single glove would have seen and experienced with it's wearer, Daphne. What shape has life taken between the glove's 'heyday' and when it was found, discarded, amongst a box of fabric?
My exploration into what the gloved hand from the past would have to tell the gloved hand of the present continues and the idea of incorporating a second glove into the final piece of work is very appealing."