Ruminations: Jeanette McCulloch

'Right Hand Glove'
Jeanette McCulloch's work is rich with pattern & figurative illustration executed in paint, print & sometimes stitch. The pictures you see here are the beginning of Jeanette's exploration into her project subject matter. Unlike one or two of the other project artists, Jeanette has not based a piece of work on gloves before so one of her first experiments was to make a pair of ungusseted gloves from a cotton fabric. Prior to assembly, the fabric was printed using a combination of monprints and thermofax (similiar to screen printing) using bold, striking patterns.
'Left Hand Glove'
3D exploration has led to a search for theme and meaning around the clues of life held in the palm and the stars using paper, paint, print & pinprick.  

"From painting palms to palmistry. From Astrology to Astronomy....floating in the heavens at the moment with these little ruminations"
'From painting hands to palmistry'

'From atrology to astronomy'

Will these ruminations remain in the skies or find a way back to earth?