Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Influencing Factors

The New Year brings reflection, hope and teeny green shoots of life - this January it has also stirred the Group Gathering artists into action as their attention returns to their single, pale glove. Those loose thoughts which have been floating around since last October are now being captured in more solid form, be it in sketchbooks or through practical exploration. Here you can see where Mandy Pattullo's New Year exploration has taken her.

" Last week I took my glove into the print room and blind embossed it so that I made an impression of it. I wanted to see if I could get the markings like pinpricks to show up on the emboss. They did and it has started me off with doing some stitch samples using the holes/ patterns from the glove. A crafty way to try out what I might do with stitch without actually using the precious glove!" 
 Mandy Pattullo

Mandy's glove is quite distinctive due to it's surface pattern so the artist with the partnering glove won't take too long to recognise it. As the weeks go by you'll no doubt make that connection too. The other glove partnerships may not be so easy for the artists to identify this quickly, which could be a blessing - the artists can continue to work on their own ideas without taking into consideration the direction their glove partner is going in. Of course, an artist, on recognising their glove partner, may choose to allow their piece of work to be influenced and altered by what they see. There too lies an interesting path...