Friday, 10 October 2014

The Project Brief 2015

Back in 2013 when the project invitations were extended to the first Group Gathering artists (the Shirt Collar Project) they were also given a brief and told about the base material they would be working with. From this they could make an informed decision about whether to take part or not. The 2015 project artists were not given this luxury - the invited artists agreed to take part without knowing what was going to be asked of them. A brave bunch.  

This week they found out.

Each artist received a small parcel of items and the following instructions: 

"In your parcel you will find a single, pale glove and some Cash’s woven name tapes. This is the base material to be used in a piece of artwork made by you as a participating member of the 2015 Group Gathering project.

There is a partner to your glove which has been given to another of the project artists. At the end of the project the glove pieces will be reunited in an exhibition.  At this point you don’t know who your glove partner artist is. This is to give you free reign in what you choose to do with your glove and name tapes.
The final glove piece can be 2d or 3d. It doesn’t have to remain as a glove, it can be ripped or deconstructed, it can be used in conjunction with any additional materials you choose. Any medium goes; dye, paint, stain, rivet, stitch, print…
The gloves being used in the project have all been pre-used. They have been washed to freshen them but no attempt has been made to remove any stains or marks. 

The Daphne Bryant name tapes were found in a junkshop in North Herefordshire in their original, possibly 1930’s, box. The box has ‘Daph’ written in pen across it. Some other items belonging to Daphne were also found which indicated that Bryant was her maiden name. It is up to you whether you choose to be influenced by this information.

The deadline for making your piece is 30th April 2015 "

Daphne's Glove.
The artists have just over six months preparation and making time.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

'Names From a Hat'

The invitations were extended, accepted and thus a group waited patiently for further instruction...
"Once the group was established, chance had a part to play in the next step of the process. The 2015 challenge involves the artists being put into pairs so rather than over thinking which artist should be paired with whom, I decided that this should be left to fate; the artist's names were put into a bowl and pulled out randomly in twos. Initially the artists won't know who they have been partnered with but it is likely to become apparent as the project develops. This could mean that the artist and the public discover this at the same time.
I'm now in a position to match the artist pairing with the base challenge materials."   
Kathleen Murphy
This week each participating artist was sent a small, tissue wrapped parcel with the material basis for 2015's challenge contained within.   

Monday, 6 October 2014

The 2015 Group Gathering Artists

Work details from: Sharon Hall Shipp, Christine Kelly, Kathleen Murphy

The 2015 Group Gathering project, Daphne's Glove, will involve twelve British artists from across England, Wales & Scotland, and are as follows:

Jeanette McCulloch

Mariette Voke

Click HERE to see a cross section of the artists work on Pinterest

Sunday, 5 October 2014

A Tough Act to Follow

"Over a year has passed since the first Group Gathering artists were 'gathered' and briefed on the Shirt Collar Project. 
In the Summer of 2013 I had only met 2-3 of the invited artists in person. This was due to the fact that my contact with the individual group members was formed largely through social media. Yet, the invited group bravely took a chance and went with my project idea, thus kick starting 'A Group Gathering. Not only did they agree to take part in The Shirt Collar Project but they actually saw the challenge through to the end, creating a super body of work. It has been a pleasure and a priviledge getting to know the artists and their work in person as a result. I'd like to take this chance to publicly thank all of the 2014 Group Gathering artists - you rose to the challenge with aplomb and you will be a tough act to follow."
Kathleen Murphy

For those of you who didn't get to see the finished collar pieces in person this Summer, it is hoped that they will go on display again in 2015.
News of A Group Gathering's 2015 project is about to follow...