Friday, 5 September 2014

Herefordshire Art Week 2014

Angie Hughes: 'Open Up Them Pearly Gates'
If you happen to be in the Herefordshire area over the next nine days you will have the opportunity to see two of the project collars again. Herefordshire based artists Angie Hughes & Kathleen Murphy will both be taking part in Herefordshire's annual arts & crafts festival, H.Art, this month and will have their collar pieces on display along with a selection of other newly made work.
Angie Hughes is opening up her studio space for the festival (Venue 35) and Kathleen Murphy will be one of ten artists exhibiting at Trumpet Corner Art Studios & Tearooms (Venue 28). Both venues are in or close to Ledbury town. 
For more information please click on the LINK where you will also find a 2014 guide to download. 

H.Art 6th - 14th September 2014

Kathleen Murphy: 'Friendly Fire'