Wednesday, 8 October 2014

'Names From a Hat'

The invitations were extended, accepted and thus a group waited patiently for further instruction...
"Once the group was established, chance had a part to play in the next step of the process. The 2015 challenge involves the artists being put into pairs so rather than over thinking which artist should be paired with whom, I decided that this should be left to fate; the artist's names were put into a bowl and pulled out randomly in twos. Initially the artists won't know who they have been partnered with but it is likely to become apparent as the project develops. This could mean that the artist and the public discover this at the same time.
I'm now in a position to match the artist pairing with the base challenge materials."   
Kathleen Murphy
This week each participating artist was sent a small, tissue wrapped parcel with the material basis for 2015's challenge contained within.   


  1. Kathleen! I'm so excited about this project. Given the basic starting point, yet such scope to explore, my mind doth wander!! oh Daphne!

    1. Excellent Sarah! Happy wanderings with your imagination. Looking forward to the end results. ..